• Last Updated: February 17th 2021

Hello and Welcome!

We are pleased to announce the first edition of the Young Investors Challenge, an online trading and investment simulation for high school students in Canada and the United States. This unique event will allow teenagers to compete both in financial performance and investment strategy development challenges.

With increased advancements in online personal investment tools, investors no longer rely as heavily on banks and financial institutions to invest their savings as in the past. As such, the ease of access to financial markets has made online personal investing a mainstay with the strong emphasis on creating individual wealth. This technology driven catalyst for change has left younger generations, such as our own, without the knowledge base to make sound choices.

For this reason, it is our goal to promote financial literacy and provide teens with an opportunity to learn about investing in a fun and engaging way. Hopefully, we can make this initiative an annual event, and increase outreach to a global scale by next year.

Thank you for signing up! We hope you enjoy!


Phil, Ryan and Charles