The Young Investors Challenge is the largest free online trading and investment simulation for teenagers in Canada and the United States.

Work Process

A Free Unique Experience.

With $10,000 in total prizes, the Young Investors Challenge provides a unique experience to all teenagers regardless of their investing experience. The Challenge is split in two components, with a focus on long-term investing.

  • Currently at 3,567 signups and counting!

  • Created and developed by teenagers for teenagers.

  • For all investors: no investing background necessary!

View the important dates for the Challenge! These may be updated if necessary, and any important updates will be made on our social media!

The Young Investors Challenge was founded in 2020 by a team of three young entrepreneurs and innovators who excel in their respective fields.

team member
Philip P. Becker


Sciences, Marianopolis '21

team member
Ryan C. Dollinger


Sciences, CiSA '22

team member
Charles W. Frédette


Honours Commerce, Marianopolis '21

mobile apps

Our team designed and developed from scratch the web app and trading platform, incorporating years of accumulating experience in programming with newly learned abilities in interface design. We created a simple yet innovative platform for all young investors.

  • Realtime data updates & charts

  • Rankings refreshed daily at market close

  • Intuitive and simple-to-use interface

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Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled here a list of most frequently asked questions that we receive! However, don't hesistate to contact us with any problems/issues!

Who is eligible to participate?

All participants are required to be from Canada or the United States and within the 13-19 age range.

United States or Canada: Students in Grade 7 through 12 are eligible to participate, per the 2020-2021 school year. College/university students who were in high school during the 2019-2020 school year are also eligible.

Québec: Secondary 1 through 5, and CÉGEP students in Years 1 or 2 are eligible.

Can I participate in a team or with friends?

Unfortunately, you cannot. This year’s edition was specifically designed for individual participation. However, do not hesitate to discuss with friends and family before placing orders or developing an investment strategy.

Do you monitor our trades?

We have access to everyone's trades, holdings, and cash balances! However, we do not actively go through them daily. Our system autonomously checks for strange behaviour and alerts us of any possible cheating.

Is the Young Investors Challenge an annual event?

We plan on hosting the Young Investors Challenge on a yearly basis.

Is it ever too late to register?

There is no registration deadline for the Challenge! Participants can decide to sign up anytime throughout the Trading Challenge, but must sign up before the first submission of the Strategy Challenge.

What’s the Trading Challenge (Challenge 1)?

The Trading Challenge is the 10-week virtual investing and trading portion of the Challenge. Using our web and web mobile application, participants will receive $100,000 to invest in a large variety of stocks and ETFs. Rankings will be based on portfolio value at the end of the Challenge.

What’s the Strategy Challenge (Challenge 2)?

The Strategy Challenge is our investment strategy building portion of the Challenge. Participants will have 4 weeks to send a one-page strategy outline, which will be reviewed by the founders. Selected participants will be invited to elaborate on their strategy and present their final report to our panel of judges.

Can I register for the Strategy Challenge without having participated in the Trading Challenge?

Yes! If you decide to only participate in one of two challenges, you will still be eligible for prizes.

Will I receive a participation certificate after the Challenge?

Yes, we will be sending printable certificates to all participants. The participation certificates will be custom-made.

What stocks are available in the Trading Challenge?

All of the S&P 500 company stocks and a variety of ETFs are available to trade. See the complete list in the Guidebook.

Can I request to add stocks?

Yes, you can! Send us an email and we will consider new additions weekly.

Is there a limit to the number of trades I can take?

Yes, there is an order restriction. Participants are limited to 20 trades per day as we highly encourage a long-term approach to investing.

What is the 30-minute cooldown feature?

When a participant places an order on a specific stock, they will have to wait for 30 minutes before being able to trade that stock again. For example, if you buy Tesla shares, you will have to wait for 30 minutes before being able to buy or sell Tesla shares again.

How do I win?

For the Trading Challenge, prizes will be awarded to the participants who have the highest valued portfolios after the 10 weeks of trading.

For the Strategy Challenge, the winner will be determined by our panel of judges.

Are all of the prizes and rewards in the form of cash?

$8,000 (CAD) will be awarded to the winners in the form of cash. $2,000 (CAD) will be distributed to participants in other means, including giveaways, special prizes, cool items and merch!

How will awards be given out?

To be determined. (Most likely a check in the mail or a transfer via PayPal or other online services.)

Where does the money come from?

From our sponsors!

These include the National Bank of Canada, DZD Hardwood, Planchers Bellefeuille, De Grandpré Chait, MNP, The Government of Canada and Rising Youth, IEX Cloud, the Vertex Financial Group and Collège Sainte-Anne.

How can I reset my password?

To request a password change, send us a message through email, social media or the contact form, clearly identifying the email in use for the Challenge. You will then receive a password-reset link by email!

I can’t access the platform!

If you cannot access the platform, make sure you are signed in! If you never created an account but entered your email on our site, use the same email to signup on

The platform keeps loading/spinning!

If the platform keeps loading and you see an orange circle spinning continuously, there is a high chance you are not signed in! Go back to and sign in with your credentials.

If you are still having this problem, it may be because we updated the platform and your browser is still keeping the old version in its cache! You would need to clear your browser cache to trade again. A video tutorial on how to clear your cache is available here.

My account got locked, what do I do?

Our team verifies daily for potential irregularities in our platform. If your account got locked, please send us an email as soon as possible at

Potential reasons resulting in a temporary lock include missing or incorrect information (e.g. your birth year is 1978); an ongoing investigation with your account, or just a simple issue we want to fix with you!